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Handtied Extension Care

Oooooh girl you have fresh new locks!! Now what? We need to have a little chat about how to care for your extensions in your day-to-day life. Please take the time to review these instructions carefully. Trust us, your extensions will thank you later.


• Always brush hair thoroughly with a Wet Brush/Muse Extensions Brush BEFORE washing.

• Use a recommended sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to prolong your color and extensions. Iles Formula & Davines are the best for hair extensions, available at Volition Hair Co.

• Separate top row and top of your hair BEFORE you get in the shower. Wash bottom row, rinse, then let the top down and wash & condition.

• Be sure all product is rinsed away.

• Use a leave in + finishing serum combo (we recommend Iles Formula & Davines) right after your shower and before you brush out your hair. 

• Again, separate your rows and brush individually. 

• When brushing wet hair, start from your ends and work your way up. Hold the hair in one hand (pinched in a ponytail) and brush down.

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• Rough dry your hair 80% of the way (no tugging at the extensions with a round brush or comb, just use your hands/fingers). This applies to blow dry bars as well. Make sure to communicate to whoever is styling your hair to NOT round brush your hair from start to finish.

• Use a round brush/Muse Extensions Brush and a small amount of tension to smooth your hair and the extension hair the last few minutes to finish the blow-dry.

• DO NOT LET YOUR HAIR AIRDRY FULLY. Always blow-dry to finish & seal down the cuticle.

• A Microfiber hair wrap/turban helps soak up water from your extensions. Our fave KITSCH turbans are available at Volition Hair Co.

• When curling your extensions, run the hair through the curling iron lightly to smooth the hair once or twice before placing curls. This will give your extensions a more polished look, close the cuticle, and prolong the extension hair. DO NOT use your iron higher than 350 degrees.


• Brush your hair thoroughly with Wet Brush/Muse Extensions Brush before bed.

• Apply recommended oil or serum through your ends.

• Place in a loosely  ponytail or braid to ensure there is no tension on your scalp.

• Sleep on a silk pillowcase. The cult classic KITSCH pillowcase is available at Volition Hair Co.

• NEVER sleep with your hair wet. This will quickly damage your extensions beyond repair, resulting in the need to purchase new extensions.

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• You can live a normal active lifestyle with your Extensions, just treat the extensions & your scalp with some gentleness to keep them looking their best, the longest.

• After a few washes the extension hair will start to expand, and take on a more realistic hair texture. They will feel more like your own hair.

• If you notice any excess tangling or hair shedding, please contact your stylist, as these are quick fixes if addressed right away.

• AVOID SUNSCREEN touching your extensions. If you are wearing sunscreen, be sure to have your hair in a braid, bun, or ponytail. ONLY use Bare Republic  Sunscreen. This product does not contain Avobenzone or Octocrylene, which can turn your extensions a PEACHY color. 

• We do not recommend going in salt water with hair extensions. If necessary, coat your hair with a leave-in or deep conditioner. braid, and keep hair contained. Rinse immediately after salt water contact.

We truly hope you're as OBSESSED with your new Extensions as we are! If you have questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to your stylist, or call us at 559.592.2634

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